Black Friday Arrest At Walmart Caught On Camera! (must see)

ALTAMONTE SPRINGS -- A woman's holiday weekend has just been ruined. A viewer sent in video of 28-year-old Samantha Chavez getting arrested at a Walmart in Altamonte Springs. Altamonte police said the woman was arrested for several things Thursday night. They said she being disruptive in the traffic line outside the store. They also said Chavez tried to bully the officer directing traffic and refused to go in line the way she was supposed to. When Chavez got inside the Walmart, police officers said she caused a scene and threw merchandise on the ground. Several officers were working detail at Walmart during the incident and several more responded to the call. The viewer who sent in the video said Chavez was just scared. She was looking for her sister-in-law at the store. Chavez's charges are currently unknown.

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